Our enterprise has won the tender of the company BT Solution

Our enterprise won the tender of the BT SOLUTIONS LTD company for dismantling works during the reconstruction of gas cleaning systems V-4, V-6 of the Nikopol ferroalloy plant. In the shortest possible time, at the end of 2020, the dismantling of a 45-meter reinforced concrete pipe reinforced with sheet steel, a cyclone building, communications, arrays of reinforced concrete foundations for smoke exhausters, and a reinforced concrete hog was carried out. All structures were in close proximity to existing conveyors, cyclones, communications.

The success of the work is due to specialists of the highest qualifications, unique equipment and technology, high organization of work, at a minimum cost. To understand the complexity and scope of the work carried out, we will give only a small list of the equipment and equipment used: Demolition SAT 330 DL UHD destroyer (with a super-long boom of 21.5 m and an MP-20 multiprocessor); excavator CAT 324 with a hydraulic hammer, hydraulic shears; excavator CAT 320 with a hydraulic hammer and bucket, diamond drilling machines HUDROSTRESS, WEKA DK52, electric diamond cutting HUSQVARNA K4000, hoists, Plettac winches, HFS, manual diamond and demolition power tools DeWALT, Makita and much more.