New generation excavator Caterpillar 330GS

Good news!

Our fleet of vehicles has been replenished with a new beautiful excavator of the new generation Caterpillar 330GS.

This machine has a power of 212 horsepower, an operating weight of 28.4 tons, a bucket volume of 1,60 cubic meters and a maximum extraction depth of 7,3 meters.

The advantages of this machine are:

  • The ability to adjust the machine to the operating modes, using different power modes; automatic adaptation of the engine power and hydraulic system to the conditions of excavation.

  • The auxiliary hydraulic functions allow for greater versatility in the use of a wide range of attachments.

  • The excavator can operate at ambient temperatures up to 52C0, in addition, it is equipped with a cold start function at temperatures up to -18 C0. The function of automatic heating of hydraulic oil at low temperatures allows you to continue working in cold seasons.

  • Matching the shape and size of the cab to the operator of the machine with human anthropometric data; reducing the level of vibration in the cab to 50%; improved air conditioning system; programming the joystick settings via the operator's PIN code-all this indicates an improvement in the working conditions of the operator and correlates with the policy of BM PROFI DISMANTLING regarding the provision of decent working conditions, the preservation of professional personnel and the creation of new jobs.

Our company is confident that the new Caterpillar 330GS – is a successful investment in further success!